Master bedroom quick fix

It has been 6 months since we moved into our “grown up” master bedroom and I still love it as much as Day 1! More, in fact. I’ll never get tired (tired, lol) of falling into that King-sized bed and pulling the 300-thread-count cotton sheets and fluffy down-alternative comforter over myself and couple of sleepy fur-babies. In fact, some days it seems like the only motivation driving me through the piles of paperwork and myriad of mundane household tasks is one word- BED.

I keep a basic routine to ensure that our cozy bed is always inviting at the end of a long day. Sheets and pillowcases are laundered every weekend and I use generic lavender-scented fabric cleanser & softener- some people have delicate skin that can’t handle the ingredients in generic, but we’ve never had a problem with it. They come out of the dryer so fresh and DELICIOUS, it makes me want to wash them every day! (Ha, ha) The down-alternative comforter is only washed once a month, since it’s so huge I have to take it to my parents’ and use their ginormous washer and dryer.

Despite washing it regularly with bleach, our white fluffy comforter has started to look a little dingy=( This is just from normal use I swear- we haven’t even been dragging it around the house or building forts in the yard with it! Yet.

Since buying a new comforter was completely out of the question, I felt compelled to find the perfect duvet cover. A duvet cover is basically a huge pillowcase made specifically for comforters and blankets. Any old comforter can be stuffed up into the case and voila! It’s a whole new look. Duvet covers usually have fasteners along the insides to hold the comforter in place so that it doesn’t slip around and bunch up unevenly. And I knew exactly which duvet cover I wanted:

It’s the “Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover” by Urban Outfitters. Isn’t it just INCREDIBLE? It also comes in colors, although the white is definitely my favorite.

And it’s, dang, $199 for a King-size. Well, that just wasn’t going to happen. I may be good at coaxing extra spending cash out of my man when I need it, but even I could tell that $199 for a duvet cover was a stretch. So I decided to look elsewhere, and Target had a fun & fluffy duvet cover on their website that caught my eye:

It’s the “Simply Shabby Chic Smocked Duvet”, $89.99 for a King-size. That is a lot more manageable than $199, but geez. Does no one make CHEAP duvet covers anymore?? I mean, the man’s gotta have his meat this week! I can’t possibly carve that much out of our grocery budget. These prices had me googling “DIY duvet cover” and finding tutorials that stitched sheets together, but good-quality King-sized sheets aren’t cheap, either!

Fine, so I can’t have my pretty white fluffy duvet cover. And I’m not about to drop cash on a sheet set to DIY my own duvet cover, because I’d probably mess it up and then cry over spilled milk and all that. Out of defiance I went to Target, determined to prove that all of their duvet covers were stupid and couldn’t POSSIBLY take the place of the fabulous ruffled Urban Outfitters cover that costs as much as a nice handbag. Grr!

And yet, I found something.

The colors match the muted color scheme of our bedroom, and the crisp grey-on-white stripes feel modern & nautical. I was just thinking that I needed more stripes in the house, and here they were. It jumped into my cart, I swear!  At only $34.99 for a King-sized duvet cover + 2 pillow shams, Mark didn’t even bat an eye when I tracked him down in the electronics section to crow over my discovery.

(Funky how the walls look different colors on either side of the bed- I think the left side lamp has a CFL bulb and the right side lamp a regular incandescent. You can only tell in pictures!)

(Mark’s side)

(My side)

It may not be the ridiculously fluffy, expensive duvet cover of my dreams, but it lends a certain modern touch to the room. I am really digging the stripes! The duvet cover had ties in each corner so it was simple to fasten in the comforter. The comforter does tend to slip towards the foot of the bed inside the cover, but I just give it a good shake before bed and it settles back into place. I have yet to wash it so I don’t know how it will hold up against wrinkles, lint, etc, but I’m not worried- microfiber is notoriously durable.

$34.99 and a quick fix completely updated our bed & master bedroom and I have to say, I am still LOVING it!



3 thoughts on “Master bedroom quick fix

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    • I wish I could help you but I use, not I just use pre-designed layouts and don’t mess with plugins at all. Check out the WordPress help page, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!

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