Hanging art on the cheap

After I painted the hallway a few weeks ago I loved my gray & white stripes so much I didn’t even bother to hang any artwork. Every day I would walk down the hallway and admire my crisp even stripes, beautiful chair rail, and fab new track lighting. It looks like it was done by a damn professional instead of by some crazy pretender like me who guesses and eyeballs and makes do! I enjoyed the stripes so much that it wasn’t until just last weekend that I decided it was time to cover up some of that loveliness with a few discriminating pieces of art.

I had a couple of pieces left over from my living room art redo– pretty butterflies screen-printed on authentic vintage dictionary pages. In order to match the clean geometry of my stripes I had my eye on a few large gallery frames, the ones with thick black frames and wide white mats. A few framed butterfly prints hung at precisely regimented intervals would definitely do my striped hallway justice. There was a hitch- nice frames are expensive! Even with the well-loved 40%-off coupon at Hobby Lobby, I was looking at close to 20 smackeroos apiece, if not more!

After sleek and geometric was ruled out due to budget constraints, the next best alternative was charming and whimsical. And what should I have on hand but twine and clothespins- it doesn’t get more charming & whimsical than that.

You heard me right, I put up my artwork using twine and clothespins. That’s how I roll!



I simply tacked two small nails over the door frame on each end of the hallway and knotted a long bit of twine between them. It was a snap to pin the artwork, which included an original drawing from one of my younger sisters and an old family photo alongside the butterflies. This DIY art hanger is incredibly versatile- I can change things out whenever I feel like it! I’m already planningto put up another clothespin memo holder in my kitchen to hold receipts, coupons  and takeout menus- no more digging them out of the back of my catch-all drawer all crumpled and covered in mystery sauce. SUCCESS (I measure success by the small things accomplished)!!!

I mentioned in my last post that I moved the “No Whining” print that had been hanging over my sink for the past few months. Doesn’t the bright red frame look great against the gray & white stripes? Plus now one of the first things you see when walking in our front door is our list of house rules! ; )

(I haven’t trimmed the ends of the twine yet because I’m lazy still deciding how to finish them. A bow, maybe?)

Ironically, the day after I made this hallway transformation I saw almost this exact same thing in my Country Living magazine (LOVE that magazine!). Check it out:

The DIY tutorial is on the Country Living website here. It is part of a segment called “Crafts with Clothespins”- a few of the ideas are hokey, but others are really adorable! (Like the one I used… I swear I came up with it first!) I’m a huge fan of this clothespin storage shelf– isn’t it precious? Looks like it would be pretty easy to DIY, too!

Budget Breakdown:

  • Clothespins- $0 (had on hand, costs $3 at most Walmarts)
  • Twine- $0 (had on hand, costs $2.50 at Hobby Lobby)
  • Artwork- $0 (had on hand, the butterfly prints are regularly $6.95 per on Paper Gangster Prints’ Etsy Shop)

Total: $0!!

I’m even more in love with our hallway now that I found a way to tie it in with the whimsy of the rest of the house. My only change will be to swap out artwork (and possibly paint the clothespins red)! What do you think- was it a success?



7 thoughts on “Hanging art on the cheap

  1. Stunning, simply stunning. I think I am in love with the butterflies. The whole look is simplistic, eye catching, versital and I can not imagine a place it would not look good. What wonderful ideas you have! (You may find me stealing a few, just f.y.i.)

  2. Oh I love, love, love that idea! It would look stunning in front of a window to chatch the light through the beads and in all of the shiny bits of the earrings! You must do it! (and take pictures of course!)

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