To Warhol or not to Warhol

Hi, my name is Hannah, and I am addicted to my Yahoo Homepage. When I get to the office in the mornings one of the first things I do is log in to my Yahoo email account and pull up the homepage. Have you ever just scrolled through the headlines and laughed at how silly the world is? I do, daily! I love reading the most random news stories I can find. Tie-dye lobster’s life is spared? Great! Top 10 free iPhone apps? I’m all ears! How often should you wash your jeans? Uhh, okay, that article was a little strange.

Anyway, today a story caught my eye because it involved two things I adore- home design and home decorating. The article was about a man so obsessed with planning out his future that he built a home for his future family- before he had even met his wife! Don’t get me wrong, the house is FABULOUS, but planning that your still-unknown wife will be exactly 5-foot-7? What did he do, limit his potential matches on online dating sites to only those matching 5’7″? Carry a tape measure at all times? You can’t really just eye-ball something that important. CREEPY.

Even if he is a creeper, the man has taste. Check out this picture of his living room:

If I wasn’t already married (and also a hefty 5’9″) and he didn’t seriously creep me out I’d consider moving to San Fransisco to make a move on the house….I mean, the man. I love the pale neutral upholstery and symmetry of the room, centered around that gorgeous fireplace. And the coffee table! Veneer? Whatever it is, it works. But my favorite bit is the artwork over the fireplace- the article calls it simply an “Andy Warhol Print”. I must have it! You can never go wrong with pink donuts.

I immediately googled “Andy Warhol donut print” and found zip. Tried “Andy Warhol food print” and found the obligatory coke bottles and bananas, but still no donuts. I’m seriously frustrated. Does anyone have any idea what is the name of this print? If it’s a copycat artist, “donut pop art” should have found it- but still no dice. Google, you have failed me in my moment of need! (EDIT: The mystery is solved at the end of the post- if you already know the answer and you’re laughing at my idiocy, please bear with me!)

Here’s a couple more images of the piece, cropped from pics further on in the slideshow:

(this last one I pieced together from 2 different pics) Any ideas? I’m going crazy!

In honor of donuts in art, I have rounded up a few comparables from Etsy. None of them are my beloved unknown Warhol print, but they’re still pretty cute. It’s decided though, I am not going to settle- I’m holding out for the real thing!

“Keep Calm and Eat a Donut” print in Pink Lemonade, $15.95 from Keep Calm Shop

“You’re the Icing on my Donut” print with customizable background color, $20 from TheLemonPeel

“Old Fashioned Donut” screenprint, $15 from OrangeTwist

“Go Ahead, Make My Day” illustration, $13 from wonderdoodle

“Things that are Round” letterpress poster, $49 from 1Canoe2

(EDIT: I was just informed that it isn’t DONUTS in that print- its LIFE-SAVERS. WTF? *facepalm* I’m an idiot. But I still think pink donuts are friggin cute, so I’m keeping this post. So there!

There is a happy ending- through Saturday 5/12 Walgreens is offering 30% off their in-store pickup poster prints with coupon code MAKEIT30. Feel free to download the poster I designed below- it is exactly 16″x20″ and currently costs $10.49 to be printed at Walgreens. Can’t wait to show you the pictures when I get it put up!)

What a crazy adventure;)



6 thoughts on “To Warhol or not to Warhol

    • Wow, it took you .02 seconds to find what I spent an hour looking for. Go figure it’s lifesavers, I wondered why Warhol would put a lifesaver roll & donuts together. *facepalm* It’s like a Rorschach from the Doctor’s office- you see what you want to see (and apparently I’m craving donuts).

  1. Oh don’t feel bad! Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes. 🙂 I totally think that they look like donuts, by the way – they were making me hungry in a way that lifesavers never could! :p

    • As I have already ordered the print for my living room, I guess I’ll have to let you know how it effects me! Since I am *always* hungry for donuts (I still say they look more like donuts than lifesavers, I don’t know WHAT Andy was thinking lol) it won’t be much of a change, eh?

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