Guest bedroom tour

If anyone besides myself was counting down the days until my friend arrived in town and the frenzy of home decorating ended- then you would have realized, she moved in yesterday:-)

Do you know what this MEANS?? I’ve finished my lists! My spring home decorating budget is all but gone and my projects have been accomplished. She and I had dinner at my parents’ house last night and then settled down to watch part 1 of Steven King’s “Bag of Bones” TV thriller- and my brain was calm. No more arranging rooms or picking out paint colors, waking up in the middle of the night with some awesome idea about spray paint, or fitting projects into my evenings like some manic game of Tetris- I can breathe.

To recap, since late March, Mark and I have:

Whew! I got the spring nesting urge and Mark let me paint, organize, and redecorate to my heart’s content. After this one last tour, I will have updated every room in the house. So here goes!



In this room we worked around a few challenges- namely, size (it’s small), oddly placed windows, and a large double-door closet. I have plans to replace the closet doors with curtains- opening them takes up too much precious floor space- but until I get to them, we have to live with it.

Weirdly enough, we originally chose this room for our master bedroom. The “master suite” down the hall was being used as a family room/extra living space at the time. I was fixated on idea of a lovely, peaceful blue bedroom, so we painted the walls with Olympic Low-VOC interior semigloss paint in Valspar’s sky blue from Lowes. Unfortunately, that’s where the decorating stopped! When we moved down the hall into our new grown up bedroom suite (grown up, haha) this space was basically a blank slate. A very blue, very blank slate.

I had a vision in my head of how I wanted the room to end up, and began slowly accumulating. I was incredibly lucky to be able to “shop” in parents house for a few pieces, as well as re-purposing some items from our own house. This makeover wasn’t cheap, but it didn’t break the bank either.

  • A vintage wrought-iron bed frame from Craigslist- finally the mattress was off the floor! $80
  • A vintage piano- originally meant to fit in my studio- it wouldn’t make it around the corner in the hallway. Oops! $0 (FREE on Craigslist!)
  • My hope chest for extra storage, $0 (my dad made it for my 16th birthday)
  • Persian rug, $0 (wedding present from my grandparents)
  • Quilt, $0 (wedding present from my parents- my mom made it!)
  • Window blinds, $0 (installed the first week we were in the house, they don’t count:P)
  • White sheer curtains/black iron rods, $30- Big Lots
  • Black picture frame, $13- Amazon
  • Bird art, $0- printed offline
  • Starfishes, $8- Big Lots
  • Fan, $0 (repurposed from kitchen)
  • Glass Apothecary Jars, $0 (repurposed from the kitchen, bought from TJ Maxx ages ago)
  • Bedside table, $0 (traded my mom a lamp for it, booyeah!)
  • Wall map, $0 (stole from my parents)
  • Table lamp, $16- Hobby Lobby on clearance
  • Bedside clock, $12- Pier 1 clearance
  • String of hanging lanterns, $16- Pier 1
  • 2 fluffy new pillows, $0- $4/each at Kohls, used $10 coupon that came in the mail)

Grand total: $175

Here’s how it turned out, DRUMMMROLLLLL PLEEEEAASE:


IMHO, the makeover was well worth the time and money spent. When I proudly announced to my husband that I was finally ready for Bianaca to get here, he replied with “Thank god! Now you can stop wearing me out and wear HER out for a change!” Isn’t he a sweetie? And so tactful, too! However, that is exactly what I intend to do.  I have a number of smaller projects that  will be calling my name over the rest of the summer… removing pesky closet doors and installing curtains, putting up artwork in the hallway, finding outdoor furniture on the cheap, lotsss of gardening, and possibly chalkboard-ing the entire fridge? I think so! So definitely, stay tuned:)



4 thoughts on “Guest bedroom tour

  1. Seriously, when I saw the before picture and then scrolled down to see the after, I gasped. I love what you’ve done! The light blue and the dark pink(red?) in the quilt are gorgeous together. It looks so airy and inviting.

    • Thanks! It’s a great combination- balancing the cool & warm colors. I was worried it would look too crowded, especially with the piano sucking all the light out of the room, but everything went together really well. If you saw airy & inviting, then it’s a success!:)

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