Princess bathroom reveal

A few weeks ago we had some friends & their kiddos over for the evening. After a quick house tour their little girl announced that she had to go potty and wanted to use the “princess bathroom.” We realized she was referring to the master bath, which was resplendent at the time with eggplant walls and a fabulous chandelier. She has good taste! I’ve put more thought into decorating my “princess bathroom” than any other room in the house. Just yesterday I finished up the caulking and said c’est fini– for now;)

I first mentioned the size of our bathroom during my “naked house tour”– it’s so small that I think a walk-in-closet was renovated at some point into a full bath. While I’m glad for the dedicated master bathroom it definitely takes finagling to shave my legs in that mini shower. When my grandparents visited our home a few months ago they kindly said that it reminded them of a cruise-ship bathroom- tight but efficient. Thanks, I think!

One big plus of having a small bathroom is that decorating it is so much faster. I painted the lower half of the walls chalky eggplant in just 1 hour, and got all the wallpaper up in an evening. Mark & I put up the fab chandelier in under an hour as well. What took the longest was deciding exactly what look I wanted to achieve. A closet-sized master bathroom can afford to go dramatic & elegant! I put together the following mood board to help determine the overall feel of the room:

Master Bath Before:

Master Bath During:

(painting the eggplant, which was actually a mistint from Walmart’s Color Place line)

(Mark looking proud after installing the chandelier. Check out that bland vanilla wall behind him)

Due to budget constraints, things we couldn’t change were:

  • The size. Duh!
  • The toilet. It’s gray and icky.
  • The floor tile. It’s beige and clashes with the toilet.
  • The exposed plumbing under the wall-mount sink. Dreaming of the day we can put in a brand-new vanity!
  • The fuse box. You can see it when the door is closed, and it’s icky as well.
  • The mirrors. I want to eventually replace the two white-framed mirrors with ornate old-fashioned mirrors, but even 50%-off at Hobby Lobby these run $30-$50 apiece. Yikes!

Things we could and DID change were:

  • Painted the walls a gorg shade of purple.
  • Installed a window blind (the window overlooks our very private backyard, but closing a blind keeps the heebie jeebies away at night).
  • Updated the boob light with a fab mini chandelier.
  • Added a second mirrored cabinet (behind the toilet) to visually expand the space & create more storage.
  • Wallpapered the walls in a chic, neutral paper that combined both gray of the toilet and beige of the tile floor (see what I did there?).
  • Added towel hook hardware.
  • Updated the shower head with a water-saving version.

Master Bath After:

Judging by this picture, can you guess the one thing I did NOT do well (besides, you know, basically everything else in the room)?? Uh-huh, matching up the wallpaper edges did not happen. This was my first time using the damn stuff and I will. not. wallpaper. ever again! I used the Allen + Roth Spanish Tile Wallpaper from Lowes, which ran only $22/roll (it took 1 roll + teensy bit of a 2nd). It’s a super-small room, I can’t screw it up that badly, right? Riiiiight. Despite being a wallpaper newbie I fell in love with a geometric patterned paper. Definitely not a good idea for my first time! Halfway through papering the room I decided to screw it and give up on edge matching. I reached the breaking point while teetering on a kitchen chair (that barely fit in the floor space of the room) wiping gloppy wallpaper paste off of the shower stall, mirror & window, desperately hoping that it would wash out of my hair.

Screw wallpaper. Next time, I’m painting a mural.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Chandelier, Lowes- $95 (undeniably the most expensive piece of this redo, with Mark’s 10% military discount it was worth every penny!)
  • Wallpaper, Lowes- $40 (2 rolls, with enough leftover to do the inside of a closet?)
  • Paint, Walmart- $5 (mistint)
  • Mirror cabinet, $0 (repurposed from our hall bathroom)
  • Caulk, $0 (leftover from hall bathroom redo)
  • Box cutter blades (gotta keep them sharp), Ace Hardware, $2

Grand Total: $142

This classy bathroom makeover has turned it into one of my all-time favorite rooms. Hope you love it too!



19 thoughts on “Princess bathroom reveal

  1. I love seeing your home in progress! Thoughts: You could do a silver leaf finish on the mirror – that would look super luxe in my humble O. A beige gathered sleeve – like the ones you see on chandelier chains – would look nice on the pipe under the sink. I wonder if you could use ceramic paint on the toilet?

  2. The gathered sleeve sounds like a great idea! I’ve been completely at a loss as to how to disguise the pipes, but that sounds simple & easy enough. As for the silver leaf finish- do you mean painted on top of the existing white mirror frames? I bet Hobby Lobby carries that metallic paint pretty cheap. Also, I’m not sure about the ceramic paint- honestly, the wallpaper is a beige/gray pattern that sort of pulls together the tile & toilet, so I don’t mind the gray toilet so much anymore;)

    • My first thought was metallic paint, but I’ve seen some furniture done in aluminum leaf (no tarnish.) and it looks so much richer than paint. I figure once you learn to do it, you can do a video for your blog and I can learn how! πŸ™‚

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  7. Hi! I love this Spanish Tile wallpaper and would like to use it in my first floor half bath. I am nervous about using it in a bathroom that has high traffic bathroom because the texture seems like it shows scrapes, etc. very easily. Also, the rep at Lowe’s said that it isn’t really scrubbable, so it may show water marks. I am wondering how it has held up for you in your master bath (which looks great, by the way! πŸ™‚ ) Thanks!

    • Hi Jamie! I’m so glad you found my post! The paper has held up very well so far. Our master bath gets the most traffic out of both of our bathrooms and I haven’t had any issues with scratches or dings, the paper is actually pretty thick. It has a “plastic”y coating on it which makes it repel water. At least, that has been my experience! We splash plenty in our shower and sink and I have no troubles wiping watermarks off afterward:) I also primed the walls with a mold-preventing paint to be on the safe side.

      The paper is such an elegant design, every day I kick myself that I didn’t spend more time matching up the pattern. It was my first time hanging wallpaper and I didn’t really know what I was doing, so hardly any of my seams match…oh well! I’m actually planning a bathroom makeover (my Christmas present from my hubby:P) and when I take the paper down it won’t be because I don’t like it, but because I don’t like my installation of it. Take your time and dry-fit the pieces beforehand! Use double-sided tape to stick ’em right up to the wall to get a good fit & flow. I was too impatient.

      • Thanks so much! Great to hear! I am planning to start this week – wish me luck! πŸ™‚ Good luck on your re-do!

      • So glad you gave the in-depth explanation of the wall papering technique! I love this paper and want to use it in our bathroom reno that is currently underway!

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