It’s about time!

For the past several weeks I have been updating and overhauling certain areas of our home. The living room closet- a former “don’t open that!!” closet- is now my “look what I did!” closet. It used to hold DVDs, miscellaneous electronic supplies and old boxes and my vacuum, broom & swiffer, while cleaning supplies took up TWO WHOLE SHELVES of our miniscule pantry. I installed an over-the-door rack in the closet, relegated DVDs to the garage (we have Netflix so these were never used), and basically put things where I wanted them to be.

As I worked on the project, I wondered- why did I allow myself to be annoyed on a daily basis by how inefficient my system was, and not do anything about it?? It’s about time! My pantry even has room now for a tupperware shelf instead of just tossing plastic containers in with my pots & pants like I had been doing. It was so refreshing! Now, whenever I get vaguely annoyed by where something is stored or how things are put away- instead of just dealing with it I FIX it.

Which led to the following project- replacing our kitchen faucet.

When we first visited our cozy cottage ages ago with our realtor I fell in love with the kitchen sink. Literally! It is huge, white, classy, and has not one, not two- but THREE basins. It’s an epic sink, really. Unfortunately the faucet was less than epic. The water stream would only reach the center sink comfortably, and the sprayer attachment mounted on the side of our sink had such a short hose that it only reached two basins comfortably. Basically, the left basin of our kitchen sink had zero water access!  Definitely inconvenient and ANNOYING. I lived with it for 6 months before deciding the daily annoyance was just too much to handle.

And so entered this pretty baby:

It’s the Continental Modern Spiral Pull-down Chrome Kitchen Faucet from It ran $103, which is considerably less expensive than alternative faucets at Lowes and Home Depot! I know this because I spent an entire day compulsively checking every location possible for the best deal on a pull-down faucet (yes, that is what I do with my free time). I knew I wanted one in this pull-down design because all the faucets I found with arches high enough to accommodate my wide sink were ridiculously expensive. I also wanted a faucet with one single water-temperature handle. Having to turn both hot and cold handles in order to get warm *with dirty hands* is not my idea of sanitary. Also, this way I could install a soap dispenser in the hole left by removing the sprayer and get rid of my drippy soap bottle- yet another daily annoyance! I was on a roll, and it was about time.

This isn’t a “follow my specific instructions to install your own faucet” kind of blog post- mainly because I don’t always follow instructions (and things *usually* still work out, although I wouldn’t want to lead any of you down that path of uncertainty!), and also because I generally forget to take the “in between” pictures. I get so excited about seeing old things leave and new things enter that they pull a disappearing trick and it just happens. Sha-BAM! If you’ve absolutely got to have detailed instructions, check out Young House Love’s post about their faucet replacing experience.

In fact, I got so excited about my new faucet’s AFTER pictures that I forgot to take decent BEFORE pictures! So here’s one from the original listing of our house taken before we moved in. You can see how pathetic the faucet is! Looking at it after-the-fact makes me giggle, it’s that bad (although the sink looks fabulous!):

So, Mark & I took off the old faucet, blah blah blah, puzzled over the instructions, blah blah blah, (OK there was a little more to it and I thought for a second that the install wouldn’t work and cursed in rage at the people who originally renovated our house) and here’s what we got:

I am IN LOVE with this new faucet! It installed in about 30 minutes and is exactly what we needed in a sink this size. The only thing that baffles me is why I waited so long to replace the old one! I have turned over a new leaf- no longer will I live with annoying things- if it bothers me I will fix it. Is there anything in your home that annoys you on a daily basis? What will you do to fix it?


p.s. my adorable husband all but crawled into the cabinet under the sink while installing our new faucet- shirtless- but he made me promise not to put any of the pictures I took into my post. Let’s just say it was hilarious and I was of no help to him for a few minutes;)


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