Spa-tacular hall bath redo

Happy Monday! Not. I’ve already made one whiny phone call to my sister this morning- we are “venting buddies”- and call each other to rail against life in general. Today I am angry about puppies developing sudden incontinence, ants in my bathroom, and road construction making me late to work. She was very understanding:)

I had a productive, relaxing weekend. Yes, I’m one of those odd people who views painting and organizing as relaxing. For me it’s practically therapy! And so our hall bathroom now looks like a million bucks (I *may* be a little biased here, you be the judge) and I feel great.

Just to give you an idea of what went into this project, here’s the list of what I tackled for this weekend mini-makeover:

  • Painted the walls (2 coats) with Valspar’s Jade Bath color-matched to Olympic interior satin paint
  • Replaced white medicine cabinet with new mirror
  • Replaced white wire shelf above toilet with picture frame
  • Replaced shower curtain with white hotel-quality waffle weave curtain
  • Replaced floor rug with white memory-foam bath mat
  • might have cried a little bit when I discovered how ugly the exposed plumbing of the pedestal sink is-
  • and felt better when I realized the ugliness can only be seen while sitting on the floor of the bathroom, which no one ever does. Except for me.


Here’s my budget breakdown:

  • 1 gallon (I probably could’ve gotten by with a quart, but didn’t want to risk it) of Valspar’s Jade Bath in Olympic interior satin paint (Lowes)- $14
  • White waffle-weave shower curtain (Amazon)- $15
  • Large black picture frame (Amazon)- $14
  • “Keep Calm and Carry On” artwork (Papergangster Prints on Etsy)- $0 (bought months ago and had in storage)
  • Black-frame mirror (Big Lots)- $20
  • White memory-foam bath mat (Big Lots)- $12

Grand total: $75

Not too shabby for a weekend makeover! If we had hundreds of gazillions of dollars to spend I would’ve bought the vanity of my (very moderate) dreams, but I stayed under $100 and everyone is still happy! Except for my husband yesterday when he went to wash out a rag covered in caulking in the hall bath- and I may have shrieked at him to use the kitchen sink. In his ear. But, you know, splashing caulk on my freshly painted walls would have just been a total shame;)

I realize that by replacing our medicine cabinet and wall shelf we effectively removed a lot of bathroom storage. In this bathroom we store towels, sheets, first aid supplies and my hairstyling tools, which all fit in the linen closet (angels sang when we walked through the house with our realtor and discovered the linen closet. No joke). Removing the cabinet & shelves opened up a TON of space visually and by the time we have kids and need to store toothbrushes and bath toys and potty seats (oh my!) I plan on splurging for the vanity and maybe put up some shelves to hold baskets- like the ones on my mood board:

You know you wanna see it one more time…



6 thoughts on “Spa-tacular hall bath redo

  1. I like it Hannah, but color does not look like jade to me. I just bought a memory foam bathmat– hope we like it. I have 2 quarts of paint to do our bathroom, but I am having trouble ‘starting’ the project. You & Mom just ‘do it’. I did not get that gene! Haha! Love you. Nanna

    • You’re right, it’s more of a spa blue than a jade. “Jade Bath” is just the name of the color. It’s from Valspar’s Laura Ashley line at Lowes. I love it! What color did you choose for your bathroom?

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