Rockin’ it like a schoolmarm

Pick up a design magazine, browse a DIY home blog, heck, ramble through a tour on Apartment Therapy- and you’ve most likely seen a blackboard wall. Everyone and their mother is doing blackboard walls these days, and this past weekend I succumbed. I’m weak, what can I say? Plus I think they look pretty darn fabulous. Check out some of these inspirational pics:

(Photo credit to Curbly user Booizzy who posted this picture detailing a $20 dining nook makeover)

(Photo credit to Laura on Apartment Therapy, click for a complete blackboard wall tutorial using paint)

(Photo credits to

Unfortunately the walls in our little cottage are mainly painted wood paneling (try getting chalk dust out of paneling cracks!) and most blackboard walls appear to be painted over flat sheetrock or plaster. Surely there’s an easier way to do it while still benefiting from the glam, shabby chic, old-school, fabulous blackboard wall!

So I looked further and found these ideas:

(Photo credit to the Style Files, click link for another gallery of blackboard wall images)

(Photo credit to, click for tutorial)

Now THAT looks easier! A pantry cupboard, a fridge. In fact, Chalkboard paint can be bought just about anywhere for as little as $1. But I faced a dilemma- I really wanted to paint my fridge. I was DYING to cover it in sweet chalkboard, and then in sweet chalk art. But not only is our fridge heavily pitted (you know that classic cottage-cheese texture on generic fridges), I am also well aware of my own fickle, changeable nature. Chalkboard today, dry-erase tomorrow! Or turquoise or whatever;) I wanted to have the flexibility of taking the chalkboard OFF when I decided I was finished with it. And then I found this:

It’s chalkboard contact paper from Amazon. For just $8.76 with FREE super-saver shipping, I got a roll measuring 18 inches by 6 feet. You remember contact paper- it’s that clear, flexible plastic with a sticky side-  this is the chalkboard version. You peel & stick, smooth out the air bubbles, and voila! Instant blackboard. I carefully read the reviews and saw that in order for the contact paper to take chalk like a regular blackboard it has to be “cured” first by covering the whole piece in chalk and then erasing it. Can do! The application took 5 minutes and turned out like this:

I mentioned that the roll is 18 inches wide, and my fridge is obviously wider. I decided a central stripe down the side would be a more elegant option until I order a second roll (which will be any day now. As soon as I accumulate approximately $17 of other Amazon products, so I can get free shipping again. Does anyone else do that?). I ended up with a 18″x1′ strip leftover, which is perfect, because now I can do some of these ideas off Pinterest:


6 thoughts on “Rockin’ it like a schoolmarm

  1. Um, LOVE this! I’ve been itching to use chalkboard paint for a while now, but this is a fantastic alternative. Also, I’m intrigued to see how you will use the remainder – those ideas are all so cute!

    • Thanks so much, Danika! I was sure you’d like it=) If you put a strip length-wise on the wall about a foot off the ground it would be the perfect art studio for your little bug, don’t you think? When we have kiddos I’m going to go CRAZY with the blackboard walls, but for right now, I’m considering expanding the fridge makeover to covering the entire thing. The first strip worked so well! Thoughts??

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