Green <3

I mentioned in this post here how Mark and I have done some…refining…to our yard. In this case, “refining” means chopping down trees, hacking off and hauling away branches, and raking/leaf blowing/mulching last fall’s leaf abundance to smithereens. Yes, it was as violent as it sounds! Our brush pile stands as a silent memorial to the massacre.

Our cringe-worthy landscape had remained, well, cringe-worthy, until just a few weekends ago. And I finally have the commemorative photos to show off! Bear in mind that we have yet to tackle the flower beds beyond light (and I do mean light) weeding. Stupid weeds. Stupid weeding. Stupid flower beds. AHEM. I’m thankful that we chose not to put in flowers yet despite the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, as it frosted the past two nights! I might get maternal all over my puppies but sorry, I’m not going to “tuck plants in” for the night, and everything would’ve died. So yay there was nothing for me to kill!

Here’s the hideous “before” photo- complete with branches literally arcing over the house.

This is our “in progress” photo- this isn’t even as bad as it got! It took two trailers-full of branches to finally clear the yard of everything that we Mark lopped off with his chainsaw-on-a-stick. I called it that, basically it was a chainsaw on a really long pole extension. And he *might* have stood on top of that chimney in order to reach some potentially hazardous branches. Don’t worry, I stood by with 9-1 dialed on the phone, ready to enter the last digit should it become necessary!

A lot of the POW of these next pics has to do with all the green we’ve got going on now. I love it! LOOOOOOOVE it<3 (that’s a heart, to any non-emoticon-savvy peeps out there). I like to take a lot of the credit for the green of the lawn, as it was my idea to get rid of all the leaves from last year choking the grass out.

Our goal was to prune away most of the low-lying branches in order to enable sunlight and breezes to get through. We haven’t gone through a full summer in this home yet, but I still remember the first time we viewed it- last July- when I got 10 mosquito bites in 30 minutes. Yikes! We’re definitely trying to keep the lawn maintained, air moving, and avoid mugginess this summer.

The beautiful tree in the above pic is getting even more of a haircut shortly- as soon as we finish trimming I get to put up my new hanging chair^_^

The thing resembling a giant beaver dam is in fact our infamous brush pile, neatly blocking your view of the neighboring lake. *hangs head in shame*

Tearing out that dilapidated privacy fence and installing a new one is on our projected 2-year list. As in, not happening this summer.

I caught the sunrise over our backyard. This is the view out the master bath window every morning as I get ready for work. We own a slice of heaven and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


2 thoughts on “Green <3

  1. I love the way you are clearing the yard/trees. This is looking so beautiful. Glad you like it so much. Nanna\

    • Thank you so much! We are really enjoying being able to put time & effort into our yard and have such visible results immediately. It’s very rewarding, and SO different than our years in an apartment.

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