Slap some paint on it!

My decorating/DIY mantra is “Slap some paint on it!” Spray paint, semigloss, flat, doesn’t matter, paint is the CHEAPEST, FASTEST way to update the look of basically anything. With the advent of metal and plastic friendly paints, you don’t have an excuse to avoid it.

A couple weeks ago I was home alone and felt adventurous… with just $12 of paint and a $10 flat brush (mama don’t skimp on her brushes!), I gave our little house in the woods some pizazz! My only regret is that we live at the end of a shared driveway- literally no one drives past our house. I appreciate the privacy but really miss having an appreciative audience. At least, I consider myself an appreciative audience (“ooh, look they put in landscaping! And look at that gorgeous mailbox. Wait. Does that house still have it’s CHRISTMAS TREE up inside? What??”) so I like to think everyone else would be equally appreciative of my little weekend reno.

This is our house before:

It’s a winter picture so the blah-ness of the house is compounded by the lack of plant prettiness. You get the idea though- beigey yellow house (honestly I like the color, it’s lovely for a cottage), white painted brick and white shutters/door.

I was inspired by the Greek blue color featured prominently on their seaside home roofs:

I then googled “yellow house with blue shutters” (essentially the way I research any design question, don’t judge me) and found this beauty:

Ahh! So fabulous. If only I could add a second story in a weekend!

In the end, the project was pretty straightforward. I had thought I could paint the shutters directly on the house, but quickly nixed that and got out the power drill. I unscrewed all the shutters (and learned that they are composite plastic, hollow on the backside) and gave them a thorough hosing-off. GET READY FOR THE NASTY- dead bugs, spiders, cocoons and webs were crammed into the hollow backside of these shudders, er, shutters. EWW. Let’s just say our water bill will be substantially higher next month.

After cleaning off the shutters and waiting for them to dry, I took them into the garage (it’s best to paint larger things indoors so that bugs & grass, etc. don’t get blown onto the wet paint and dry there) and painted! It took two coats of Valspar’s Peek-A-Boo Blue color matched in Olympic No-VOC exterior semi-gloss paint from Lowe’s.

*trumpet fanfare* And here’s the after!

(looking at these pics I’m starting to think that our gas meter is actually a little old alien man in the shape of our gas meter)

Loving the front door! How do you think dressing up that wicker wreath with some huge white faux hydrangeas would look?

That’s the azalea bush we inherited- it’s super-close to the foundation of the house and was going to be cut down….until it bloomed into awesomeness. Azalea, you’ve just officially been pardoned!

The difference between the Before and After is like night and day! Once I finished teetering on a ladder with the power drill to re-attach all these babies, I stepped back for a total I AM WOMAN! moment. I could get used to that feeling=)


8 thoughts on “Slap some paint on it!

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  3. Gorgeous! I found this blog because I too use Google as my design guru…and tomorrow we are beginning the project of painting our house a pale yellow/cream color. We’ve got electric blue window casings — not exactly shutters — and a red front door, and right now (with our house being white) it looks like the fourth of July. I was starting to feel nervous that pale yellow and electric blue was going to look like we’re schizophrenic, instead, but then I found your house, which looks just lovely to me! Hey, all the best people think outside the box, right? Screw those muted palettes. Take care!

    • Hello! Thank you for your kind words! I definitely think that the best way to jazz up a home’s exterior is with paint! Variety is the spice of life, and hey, paint is cheap=) We LOVE our bright shutters & door, thinking about your red door makes me wonder if I should repaint ours….hmm! Lol. Good luck with your painting project! I’m trying to convince my mom to paint her front door a russet orange, but it’s slow going…. =P

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