…And the kitchen sink!

Don’t hate me for stating the obvious, but it’s been some time since my last post. I needed to hibernate. Find my zen. I lost my job and during the time it took me to find another one I avoided projects at all costs. Receiving my Country Living and House Beautiful magazines during week 2 of unemployment nearly KILLED me- I got so many ideas but would have felt guilty spending on my little projects. Besides, maniacally researching and applying for at least 40 jobs a week sure took it out of me (hence the search for zen)! I am happy to say that I now have another far less stressful job, and am seriously enjoying the home updates again:) It’s been awhile!

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

1. We painted the master bathroom!  Thoroughly tired of the original blah-blah-bland biscuit shade, I perused the mistint section of my local Walmart and happened across this beauty- a more palace-appropriate mistint in deep, chalky eggplant. (There is no full-bathroom after picture as I got the you’re-laid-off call halfway through painting and could barely make myself finish, and since then I’ve been too busy to actually have another photo shoot. Coming soon!)

2. We added an above-fridge cabinet! I found this baby for a song (ok, $10) on Craigslist only 5 miles away. It was a hideous, banged up glossy white builders-grade cabinet with kitschy country-colored fabric panels for doors. So. Not. Me! Pliers and $8 worth of flat white paint later, the cabinet is reborn. I taped plain white cardstock over the open doors- as much as I loved the open look, I’d rather keep my toaster and unkempt basket of puppy supplies under wraps, thank you. Installing will wait until we figure out how to fit the cabinet over the existing molding without having to take a crowbar to it (the trim). Maybe a surgical strike on the cabinet with a saw? Hmmm. Like I said, we’ve gotta figure that out. Until then, it perches pretty darn happily on top of the fridge:)

3. We got a piano! It’s an early 20th century upright- they don’t make them like this any more! Snagged for the low price of FREE on Craigslist this past weekend, we very nearly weren’t able to get it into the house. And once it was in the house, we definitely weren’t able to get it down the hallway to its nest! So I have a piano in my kitchen. We’re hoping to enlist some *cheap* labor (pizza, anyone?) sometime soon- the hulk needs to go back out the front door, around the house, in the back door, and then down the hallway. Somebody (me) wasn’t thinking about dimensions or else that would’ve happened in the first place. Le sigh.

4. We pruned, hacked away, and generally tidied up the yard! I only have “in progress” pics- I was so exhausted when we finished I didn’t take pictures (plus it was dark), and now the yard is full of dandelions, so I’ll take “after” pictures this weekend when Mark mows again. We cut down two entire trees and it barely made a dent in the forest that is our yard. The brush pile we inherited when we bought our house has grown to such ginormous proportions I’m pretty sure it’s now illegal to torch the thing. Oops! It makes me so excited to see our cottage looking landscaped, I feel like planting flowers, and putting in a vegetable garden, a picnic table, a hammock, and a gazebo….Yeah, I’m ready for summer:) And apparently in need of a few thousand dollars!

5. Last but definitely not least, we fixed the kitchen sink! This time, I mean we REALLY fixed it. Down came the nearly entire roll of duct tape (my husband is not a plumber, but he sure is handy with the duct tape!) and up went the appropriate plastic pieces to avoid leakage. Mark’s brother is a whiz at all things building-plumbing-roofing-electrical, so we enlisted his help for this project. Don’t ya just love having smart family?:) 3 weeks later and there is still no dripping underneath! Yeah! (And yes, I do check obsessively every day)

There are a couple other projects- having to do with deep cobalt paint and some boring white shutters, a studio re-design, and a guest room makeover- but I have so many lovely pictures of those that they deserve their own posts:) It’s good to be back!


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