Slipcover love

I have recently become obsessed with slipcovers. They are so lovely, so crisp and new and refreshing! And you can toss them in the wash! With a cat plagued by hairballs in the house, covering up our upholstered furniture is SUCH a good idea. A little while back I bought matching couch and loveseat slipcovers off Craigslist for a measly $30- an absolute steal! Presto change-o, paint splatters & cat barf stains are hidden, just like that! (Bet you didn’t really want to know what was under our slipcovers, did you? Come on, I’m sure yours are just as bad:P)

Our couch is not the problem, it’s this chair.


We got this comfy-cozy chair from some friends for $60, ottoman included. It’s huge and like I mentioned, ridiculously comfortable. So comfortable that Mark and I fight over who gets to sit in it during our nightly Netflix fest! But it is ugly. U. G. L. Y. YOU AIN’T GOT NO ALIBI, YOU UGLY!!

Yep, it’s ugly. And ripped! I tried fixing it with safety pins but that didn’t work, they kept popping off. Have I mentioned that I’m not handy with a needle? It was safety pins or nothing, and now it’s nothing. It needed to be covered, and badly! So I googled “DIY slipcover” (I should’ve known anything beginning in “DIY” would just be a treat). And I found this post. AHH! So lovely! Inspiration! I dug further, and found this tutorial. WTF??? Pins, measurements, turning fabric inside-out, keeping track of different pieces, SEWING MACHINES?? Where were the safety pins, the duct tape? Immediate hyperventilation attack.

Saved by the O!, that is. I found Sure-Fit brand chair & ottoman slipcovers, both with 4-star ratings, for under $50 total. I also used a 7%-off coupon code and my order had free shipping- not that Overstock’s $2.95/any order shipping is that much of a hardship, but every little bit helps. SCORE!


I read reviews and saw that they arrive a little wrinkled, so I was prepared for that, and threw them in the dryer with a damp washcloth tumble-dry high for about 30 minutes. I also learned from the reviews that patterned upholstery has a penchant to show through the cotton duck material- I could have tucked a neutral-colored sheet over the chair before slipcovering, but I was in such a hurry to see it on I just said screw it. Maybe the first time I take it off to wash  I’ll throw a sheet over the chair before putting it back on, but the slight slight stripes showing through don’t bother me that much.

Here it is! OOH OOH OOH, IT’S MAGIC!!! It’s a completely different chair! I LURVE it so much! Why did I wait this long to slipcover it??




It took some maneuvering to squeeze our chair-and-a-half into the chair-sized slipcover, but the fit is nearly perfect and I’d rather it be tighter than looser! Following a hint I found online, I rolled up a couple of old magazines and stuffed them down into the folds of the upholstery to hold the slipcover firmly in place. I love the bow-tie details on the corners of the chair- I tied them so tightly (going for that crisp, custom-upholstery look) that I’ll probably end up having to reinforce the seams attaching the ties, I’ll keep a close eye on them.



The ottoman slipcover makes me a little nervous- it included a piece of material to lay across the top and then a gathered band of material to slip around the sides. It looks alright, but I feel like I need to invest in some industrial-strength safety pins to keep the top piece in place. I introduced a new rule to the house my husband last night- NO SHOES ON THE OTTOMAN. I love this light color to death but it will show boot dirt like nothing else! Let’s see how long it takes him to forget that rule.


What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Slipcover love

    • Yay I’m so glad! I can’t wait, either:) Basically, Mark gave me free reign with our tax refund this year and I made every penny count! We’ve been so good with our budget recently it was AMAZING to be able to buy some of the things I’ve been drooling over for forever.

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