Fiskevik forever

I love my fiskevik! No, that’s not a pair of craft scissors (fiskar) or the city in Sweden- it’s my new find from Ikea! The online listing is HERE

I haven’t always adored my fiskevik…. In fact, until just recently it had been lovingly stored tossed in the coat closet. The story goes, last Thanksgiving my family visited more family in Minne-snow-ta, and my mom & aunt hit up the local Ikea, taking my list along with them. THE list, the one that I painstakingly devised with a calculator in one hand and idea sketches in the other- the compilation of many hours of mental agony. The fact that there is no Ikea within moderate driving-distance of my southern Indiana home is a source of great anguish, so I had to make this shopping trip count!

The fiskevik looks like this (at least in theory):

Although when my mother got it back to southern Indiana and presented it to me, it was wrapped up in the smallest, most complicated & intimidating looking package EVER! And so my fiskevik was relegated to the closet until I worked up enough courage to attempt figuring it out.

And there it stayed, until about 16 hours ago.

Our living room had two floating shelves on the wall above the TV- they didn’t look BAD, but when I upped the wattage of my new lamp from 60 to 100 (we don’t use the overhead light in our living room much, and the lamp light had started looking dingy) the shelves cast dramatic shadows. And the shadows bothered me! So I took the shelves down, and put up my fiskevik.

Before (in sunlight):

And after (in lamplight):


I was right to be intimidated- it took me the better portion of an hour to get all the little cords cut to the right lengths, and then arrange/re-arrange/re-re-arrange the pictures until everything (ok, mostly everything) hung straight. The idea is that the collage of pictures is entirely customizable. I can easily see myself swapping out images and artwork with seasonal prints, clipping up pretty cards or pictures torn from magazines. I’ll never get bored with the fiskevik! Removing the floating shelves got rid of that blocked-in feeling from the lamplight and visually opened up the wall.

The artworks I chose to display on the fiskevik are attached to wonderful memories…the two watercolors I purchased while on a school trip to Italy, the summer after my freshman year at BSU. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The two photobooth strips are from my husband’s Christmas party last year, another great time:) Also, do you recognize the sunshine graphics? They are inspired by this etsy shop listing, resized & printed on photo paper.

Close-up in lamplight (see what I mean about *mostly* hanging straight? Uggh):


There you have it! Do you fiskevik?


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