This post is Part 2 of our Great Shopping Weekend. Do you see this sad little lamp?


Yes, I know, it’s not THAT sad, in fact it’s quite lovely! That’s why I stole borrowed it from my parents when I moved out years ago. It was working fine until the turn-switch broke, meaning that every day we have to plug it in/unplug it in order to turn the lamp on and off. After a few weeks of that it wasn’t looking so cute!

Also, the lamp shade is a little dark for our pale, cottage-themed living room- instead of allowing a soft glow, the light shoots above and below the shade in dramatic arcs. diffused lighting here. And so we went shopping! TJ Maxx has a huge collection of lamps that really look like designer one-of-a-kinds, not that there’s anything wrong with “off the rack” from Target or Walmart, but I was on the prowl for glamour!


Isn’t it darling?? The lamp base has enough visual interest to be striking without overpowering- I love the positive and negative space it created. That lampshade is patterned in Ikat. Ikat is one of my all-time favorite patterns, and this is the first time I’ve been able to work it into my decorating. You can find some examples of Ikat being used by designers here. Not bad for $39.99!




2 thoughts on “Ikat

  1. omg. seriously. That lamp is just perfect! I have never seen a base like that before, and love it! I’m all over anything ikat or chevron right now. 😀

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