Bathroom lighting re-do

Last weekend was immensely, remarkably productive. It’s amazing what refreshing your redecorating budget can do! We tromped all over town, hitting up the trifecta- Lowe’s, Pier 1, and TJ Maxx. Well, at least I went to all three- Mark hung out by himself for those last two:) After several weeks spent online gathering ideas & pricing products, I was pretty confident I knew where to get the best bang for my buck. Number 1 on our list was a new light fixture for the master bathroom. Yes, the closet-sized bathroom. Just because a room is small doesn’t mean it should be overlooked! I have always, ALWAYS wanted to have the most fabulous, glamorous bathroom ever, and I got one step closer this past weekend.

Check out purchase #1, from Lowe’s (with Mark’s 10% military discount!):


Mmmm isn’t that divine? It is simple but glam, in a bronze finish that will really POP against my milk-white (for now) bathroom walls and ceiling. Lowe’s was kind enough to have one out on display, so I didn’t have to dig it out of the box before buying it (although I have done that before!).


We planned to put it up the next day, but I couldn’t resist! I just had to see my baby chandelier, in all its glory.


Even unlit, it looks AH-mazing! At this point, I’m imagining all the time I’ll spend under its radiant glow, making myself divine in preparation for being whisked away in a beautiful coach for the King’s gala ball, where I’ll enjoy champagne and hors d’oeuvres and watch fireworks in honor of the Prince’s birthday, and dance all night, and….oh hi! Sorry, I got a little carried away. If only every day could be a fairy tale! *sigh*


Here is a day in MY fairy tale- hubby is taking down the old, blah light fixture. Yes, it was a boob light. I am le ashamed.


Oooh, doesn’t that look terrifying? He SAID he knew exactly what he was doing, but his cringe of fear as he hit the light switch for the first time kinda undermined that statement!


Yes, my neat freak self allowed the room to get like this. And I didn’t even clean it up before dinner! (Funny how I get excited over being able to resist cleaning….wouldn’t you just love to live with me? Ha, ha)


Our ceiling height is approximately 7.5′. It’s not low, I prefer to think of it as “cottagey”! The low ceiling helps with our energy bills, but it made fulfilling my life-long dream of having a chandelier in my bathroom a little awkward. We literally cut out every single link of the suspending chain except for two, meaning my husband had very little room for error when connecting wires up into the fixture base (I don’t have any pictures of that step because, well, I was standing on a stool holding up the chandelier at the time. I’m not super woman!).


Ta-da! I made him stand still for the picture. I promise my husband is a VERY smiley person, he just goes deadpan as soon as the camera comes out. It’s like a throwback to the era of 30-minute flash photography, when you couldn’t smile or your cheeks would permanently freeze like that. What a weirdo! 😉


There it is! Well worth the $$, energy and time! What do you think?


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