Big bed in a little room

Hello again! I’m trying to avoid posting daily, so that this doesn’t start to feel like a Chore. I have a phobia about Chores. I like to do things when I like to do them, and not a second before! My hope chest is loaded with partially-finished diaries, each began with cross-my-heart promises (and sometimes a few tears) and then abandoned abruptly when goals, hobbies, or crushes changed. I am intrigued by the idea of being able to look back on this blog a year from now and see the changes wrought in our home, bit by bit, so let’s see if I will keep it up!

Master bedroom at closing (seen in my naked house tour here):


We had previously decided that, since our kitchen/dining room/living room combo was so small, additional living space was in order. The room billed as the “master suite”- the only carpeted room, also having a private bathroom- became a family room. A matching sofa and love seat were bought for a song on Craigslist, and the dog crates moved in! I sewed the curtains out of a lovely linen damask from Joann’s, adding mini pompoms along the top for a bit of whimsy. Installing the curtain rod turned out to be a joint project with my husband- as in, I installed it, and then he fixed it! There’s a teensy hole in our wall now, but it was a learning experience. I’m having a lot of those!

Master bedroom-turned-family room after The Move:



The amazing view from that south-facing window:

Ahhhh! So lovely! Ok, back on topic.

We quickly realized that one thing NOT happening in our cozy cottage was mucho entertaining. Also, the wood stove that heats our living room into a sauna during the grey, wintery days is alllll the way down the hall from our old master, meaning after baking all evening in front of the fire in the living area we got to shiver to sleep under a pile of quilts….And then we bought a king-sized bed! It was an Absolutely Necessary expense, we tell ourselves, because those babies hog the bed every night. Hmmph. 😉 The bed, we determined, would not fit in the room down the hall, so we moved the master back to the carpeted room (and it nearly fills the new room to bursting!). Hence the title of this post- I do like a little bed with my room:)

Master bedroom transitioning back to, well, a master bedroom:

(Cruiser being a sweet baby, wondering if this new bed means he gets his own pillow!)

Mark enjoying some schmoozing with his ladies, Melanie and Emma.

There was really only one logical place for a monster-sized bed to go in this room, and that was directly underneath the long window. The layout itself is not awkward- it’s the headboard, or rather, lack thereof. On sunny weekend days I like to open those curtains and air everything out, the sunlight streams in and glows on our white, Ralph Lauren down-alternative bedspread (A TJ Maxx splurge but oh so worth it!).

And after the transition:20120207-214556.jpg

(The quilt on the bed is our wedding quilt, pieced & stitched lovingly by my mother. It is queen-size, so adjusting just so on the king bed took maneuvering, but I love it on the bed and it had to stay there)




I love pillows! These pillows are a combo of Pier 1 ($7.48 per! Yay clearance), wedding and christmas gifts.








(My Pier 1 glass head makes another appearance)



These lamps are probably my favorite part of the entire room….I ordered these bases and some generic rectangular shades from Walmart for about $50 total ($15/apiece for the lamps on sale, $10/apiece for the shades), and a few weeks later saw this lamp at Pier 1 going for $55 by itself. Scarily similar base, just a different color of shade. Snaps for the bargain queen!



I am proud of this curtain- it only took about 1.5 months of us groaning at the morning sunlight during weekend sleep-ins to decide to do something about it LOL. That something was a $6 curtain rod and $13 curtain panel, both from our local Big Lots. After about 5 minutes of power-tools, it was up and sooooo lovely!





This white wall-mounted shelf was a $10 find at a local flea market. Since we had forgotten the mounting hardware and I wanted it up up UP Mark screwed it straight into the wall. This way I can keep my industrial-sized lotion bottles on it without fearing their demise!


Last but not least, my darling husband wondering if I was finished snapping pictures so we could GO, already!


And so I was finished, and we went shopping! (Don’t you just love those parting words? I know I do:P)


7 thoughts on “Big bed in a little room

  1. Thanks! I’m having fun. Pretty soon I’m going to run out of “finished” rooms to tour- the studio and guest room and pretty overlooked right now, and since we don’t use them as often, renovation plans aren’t very high on the list right now.

  2. your bedroom is so lovely! I adore the lamps, and hey, I have those exact same jars in MY bathroom, also holding qtips and cotton balls! 😀 we upgraded to a king sized bed last spring, after sleeping on a full-sized bed for four solid years! Adding Henry to our family totally meant that we needed the hugest bed possible – it is ridiculous how much of the bed a tiny person can hog! :p

    • Lol, that’s how we feel about the puppies:P we’ve gone king-size and we’re never looking back! I’m working on adding a few more elements to the room- I have an Ikea Fiskevik picture hanger I haven’t put up yet. I confess that I’m a little intimidated by it!

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