Kitchen inspiration

I may have only just introduced you to our kitchen, but I have so many ideas for the space and I don’t want to keep them to myself! With tax time rolling around I can’t help thinking about all the freshening-up projects Mark & I can do around the house with our refund cash. Here are a few of my absolute favorite ideas for the kitchen, tell me what you think:)

1. Chalkboard backsplash. I adore the color of our kitchen walls and don’t want to darken the room TOO too much with a black wall, but these photos are just too lovely. Maybe along the left wall of the kitchen, behind the stove? I’m leaning towards this chalkboard paint. I think that would be just the right touch of schoolhouse-glam.

Like this:

And this:

(both from this post)

Or maybe something REALLY crazy like this:

(from the blog here)

2. Roman blinds. The light fixture between our kitchen windows is so wide that it overlaps the window frames, making traditional top-hung curtains kinda impossible (and a fire hazard). I found some inexpensive blinds here. I love the look of sleek, natural bamboo or crisp linen roman blinds, just softening the window opening a bit.

Like the ones here:

(from this blog)

Or this style here:

3. Potted plants, herbs, etc. I had to get rid of my monster amaryllis (that had yet to bloom, or even put out buds- it just grew huger and huger) due to an unfortunate fruit fly incident, and I’m ready to foray back into the world of indoor plants. The look is fabulous, very natural and earthy, and worth another try? I think maybe so.

Like this simple terra cotta pot looking so very posh (plus I’m drooling over the stainless appliances):

And these lovely topiaries (have I mentioned how obsessed I am with topiaries? They are divine, and on clearance at Pier 1! Here):

(from this BHG slideshow)

4. Glass containers. I have a few (this one here) you can see in my kitchen tour, happily holding coffee (a very important job in my home) and sundry dry goods, but I am hooked.

Hooked on ideas like this:

And this:

(from this blog)

And this:

(from this slideshow)

What do you think? I am so excited to try a few of these ideas out.


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