Kitchen Tour

Hello again! My house tour begins today with my *whispers* favorite room. No one heard that but you, right? See, rooms are like children. If they start thinking you have a favorite among them, they’ll get jealous, and then all continuity throughout the house is in jeopardy! Piles of laundry show up in odd places, and shoes get strewn around like debris after a Category 5 tornado.

Please remember we have only been in our cozy crooked cottage for just over 4 months. In weeks, 19.5. In days, 136. Okay, now it sounds like a lot! We’ll stick with the months, so four. Naturally, that’s hardly enough time to scratch the surface of our grand and lofty plans for the place. Boy does my heart get pumping when I think about built-in-bookcases, new light fixtures, and board-and-batten! But, um, there’s this little thing called the BUDGET. So we focused on livable:)

Here’s the before again, to refresh your mind: Transition:

The walls are painted with one coat of Lemon Mint in Olympic Non-VOC semi-gloss interior paint from Lowe’s. We chose semi-gloss to help the existing wood paneling look more like beadboard, as well as making kitchen clean-up easier. I love the color because during the day, sunshine bounces around the walls, but at nightfall the walls look more grey, almost blue. Awesome things happen in our kitchen! Things like this happen in our kitchen:

And this:

(Yes, that is my husband watching his cookies bake)

And this:

(the printing press might be touted as the most important invention for mankind, but I hotly contest that it is not, in fact, more important than a crock pot!)

After a few more changes:

My farmhouse-style table ($70 on Craigslist!):

Would you believe, I underestimated the amount of spray paint needed for those gorg turquoise chairs TWICE. Three trips to Walmart in all, finally I got them all primed and painted! And I might have painted part of my driveway as well, but who’s looking? I’m not.

I love to comb through vendor malls, TJ Maxx and Pier 1 for random tchotchkies, and I find myself unable to resist adorable finds like giraffe mugs, strawberry-shaped tea infusers and toucan can openers! (If I were to show you my utensil drawer, you would think a 5-year-old did the shopping) Mark is my long-suffering chauffeur on these occasions, and it is actually quite nice having the car “brought ’round” while I tally up the purchases! So I think I’ll keep him.

(The teabowls are part of my collection of ceramics from my time in the BSU Art Department. Memories!)

So there you have it! Future plans for this room are numerous, but right now we’re focusing on the roof (which may or may not be leaking, depending on if it’s raining. That would mean it’s probably leaking), and come Spring and Summertime the focus will be all outdoors. We hardly touched the yard after moving in except to prune any branches threatening to decapitate us in a high wind, mow a couple of times, and half-heartedly pull some weeds. I’ve got my garden gloves and tools ready to go, I just need the warm weather!


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