And so we meet!

“What day is it?”

“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.

“My favorite day,” said Pooh.

Welcome! I shall forego a long-ish, sentimental introductory post about the transforming power of love, and how it puts sunshine into the dreariest of misadventures, and how living every day with the ones you love is the most important thing in life, because I’m quite sure you already know all about that. We are simpatico! So instead, I will begin with a long-ish, very un-sentimental post about this great adventure that I am on.

You see, my husband and I are college sweethearts. We met and became engaged in 2007 (after a scandalous 8 short months!), weathered through my educational mishaps, and eventually married on a chilly, overcast October day in 2009. In the briefest possible description of what is in fact a crazy, torrid love affair that would leave any sane human being needing immediate institutionalization, we began a life together.

And then we bought a house. Not just any house- but a cozy, crooked cottage. An old 1970’s ranch, on an acre of forest smack in the middle of what is actually a booming historic metropolis. A starter-house that we plan to make a forever-home. An oasis. And we have neighbors! NICE neighbors. We borrowed a screwdriver before we had even fully moved in (paint-store employees should remind their customers how difficult it is to open cans without purchasing a opener-doohickey-thing!) and they were super. But I digress.

I admire blogs, read blogs, bookmark blogs, comment on blogs, and now shall attempt to write a blog! As the most amateur photographer out of all amateur photographers, I take photos of all the ordinary, everyday things in my life. I have quite a few “before and after” photos, and project photos, and photos of the babies. Did I mention the babies? We have two mini dachshunds and a fat fat tabby cat. But more on them later!

And so I will take my photos, and put them here.


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